Why should you #BeeSustain?

As a meeting professional, you have the power to make the world a better place and Copenhagen, the Capital of Sustainable Meetings, invites you to #BeeSustain.

Here we share best sustainable practices from our extensive green meeting portfolio and invite you to share yours too - no matter where in the world the event is staged.

Incorporating sustainability in your event planning pushes innovation and creativity, cuts costs and improves your ROI – while protecting planet earth at the same time!

You can make a difference in the world and benefit your business too. Be the change you want to see in the world – #BeeSustain

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8 reasons why sustainability drives innovation

Innovation is about ‘doing something better.’ – leading executives from organizations such as Oracle, Symantec, MCI and GMIC agree that incorporating sustainability as a design principle creates better and more innovative meetings. We list eight reasons that explain how sustainability drives innovation.

How sustainability helps cut costs

A survey of MCI's largest 50 clients revealed that 100% wanted to implement more sustainable elements, but were stopped by either a lack of knowledge, a failure of the suppliers to communicate their sustainability offering, or the perception/reality of the sustainable option being more expensive. But it is both responsible and economically viable to implement more sustainable conferences.

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MPI invites you to #WriteHistoryinCPH

MPI invites you to write the next chapter of your professional story at the European Meetings & Events Conference in Copenhagen, 7-9/2, 2016. Pick up our plantable pen at IBTM, E20 & join the conversation on Twitter: #WriteHistoryinCPH & #EMEC16.

How to do green meetings in Copenhagen

It’s easy to do a green meeting in Copenhagen, but let us guide you through your search for green suppliers.