Why should you #BeeSustain?

You have the power to make the world a better place by implementing sustainability in to events and Copenhagen, the Capital of Sustainable Meetings, invites you to #BeeSustain.

Here we share best sustainable practices from our extensive green meeting portfolio and invite you to share yours too - no matter where in the world the event is staged.

Incorporating sustainability in your event planning pushes innovation and creativity, cuts costs and improves your ROI – while protecting planet earth at the same time!

You can make a difference in the world and benefit your business too. Be the change you want to see in the world – #BeeSustain

Fancy coming back to sustainable Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is known as one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the world so if your favorite color is green, book at weekend stay in a city where both hotdog stands, cocktail bars and Michelin starred restaurants are dedicated to organic food; where close to 70% of the hotels are eco-certified; where you can easily get around by foot, bike and public transportation and enjoy the city’s wide selection of museums and attractions.

Report by the MICE Blog: How can we accelerate the adoption of sustainability in events?

Business innovators and sustainability influencers from some of the largest brands across the globe gathered together in Copenhagen, 25-28 September 2016 for the Sustainable Brands Conference. The message was clear- sustainability needs to be embedded into business models – it is a catalyst for innovation and a driver for profit. It is an opportunity for businesses, society and the planet.

Sustainability saved Danish Maritime Forum 2015 €26,000

Key leaders gathered in Copenhagen last year for the second Danish Maritime Forum (DMF). Implemented tactics in the areas of sustainable food and beverage offer, responsible supply chain engagement, greenhouse gas emissions mitigation and waste reduction resulted in €26,000 of tracked savings for the event.

How sustainability helps cut costs

A survey of MCI's largest 50 clients revealed that 100% wanted to implement more sustainable elements, but were stopped by either a lack of knowledge, a failure of the suppliers to communicate their sustainability offering, or the perception/reality of the sustainable option being more expensive. But it is both responsible and economically viable to implement more sustainable conferences.

Eventprofs: “After the session, sustainability seems to be easy”

There is a lot of buzz about sustainability in the meetings industry, but very few practice what they preach. At MPI’s EMEC 2016, Wonderful Copenhagen CVB challenged this notion with the highly interactive #BeeSustain Challenge session. And 1.5 hours later, all participants were ready to #BeeSustain.

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