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Copenhagen Meeting Planner Guide

Copenhagen's Meeting Planner Guide can be downloaded for Ipads and used without internet access, making it easy to browse, search and request suppliers from the Copenhagen meetings industry whenever needed. The guide can also filter your search for eco-certified venues and hotels in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Meeting Planner guide is a tool, which can provide information about hotel and venue facilities as well as organizers and transportation companies in Copenhagen. This planning tool enables meeting planners to choose from a number of local suppliers and share this selection in a tailor-made presentation in an online or PDF version.

Search for: Venues, hotels, AV-suppliers, professional organisers (PCO, DMC) & transportation companies

This guide makes it even easier to find out why Copenhagen is the right choice and provides relevant information about Copenhagen as a meeting destination with the innovative Danish meeting design concept ‘Meetovation’ in focus. The Copenhagen Meeting Planner Guide is an excellent tool when preparing for a meeting in Copenhagen. You can also filter your search for eco-certified hotels and venues. 

The Copenhagen Meeting Planner guide is available as an app for iPads, which is the first of its kind and can be downloaded here. The tool is also available at

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Copenhagen - a livable city

The Danish capital has been named the ‘World’s most livable city’ repeatedly, and Danes have been ranked the ‘World’s Happiest People’ over and over again