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With non-stop flights from more than 165 international destinations, Copenhagen Airport is easy to access from every continent and all major European cities are within a one to two hour flight.

Copenhagen Airport, CPH, not only boasts titles such as the "World's most Efficient Airport", "Best Airport in Europe" and "World's Best Security". It also lies only 13 minutes from the city center - the fastest transfer time from airport to city centre in any European capital city.

Copenhagen Airport is situated very close to the city centre, and you can get from the airport to the centre in about 13 minutes by metro. There are also trains and buses going to and from the city centre to the airport. Copenhagen Airport does not operate a shuttle service to and from the airport, but the Danish public transport system is very efficient and offers the quickest way from the airport to the centre. A full fare ticket costs only between €3.50-€5.

CPH is the main hub for Scandinavian Airlines (SAS). SAS is renowned for its Scandinavian-style efficiency and world-class punctuality (according to FligtStats) and was the world’s first airline to receive IATA Fast Travel Award platinum status in 2013 and again in 2014. SAS offers a carbon offset program, and holds a number of international eco-certificates including ISO 14001.

The fixed link to Sweden also offers easy access from all of Scandinavia.

Copenhagen is around five hours by train from Hamburg or Stockholm, less than 12 hours from Amsterdam, Basel and Munich, and 24 hours from Rome.

Copenhagen is also well connected to other cities in Europe by road via the European highway network, bridges and by boat.

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