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We cooperate closely with our network of professional and experienced partners

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Wonderful Copenhagen Convention Bureau can help you from the early stages of planning your international convention, meeting or incentive in Copenhagen.

We cooperate closely with our network of professional and experienced partners.

Find venues and hotels, professional organisers, AV-suppliers and transportation providers for your next event. Do not hesitate to contact our team at  for a free proposal or inspiration.

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Do you need highly qualified guides for your social programme? Get the important overview of Copenhagen, enjoy the wonderful sights and atmosphere in the company of a professional guide.

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Get a quick overview of the many meeting venues in the Copenhagen region.

How to do green meetings in Copenhagen

It’s easy to do a green meeting in Copenhagen, but let us guide you through your search for green suppliers.

Discounted Travel Pass for the delegates

The Travel Pass is a special offer for conference delegates. It offers unlimited public transportation in all of Copenhagen and the north of Sealand. This includes the easy 12 minutes access from the Airport into the City Centre by either metro or train.