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Eventprofs: “After the session, sustainability seems to be easy”

There is a lot of buzz about sustainability in the meetings industry, but very few practice what they preach. At MPI’s EMEC 2016, Wonderful Copenhagen CVB challenged this notion with the highly interactive #BeeSustain Challenge session. And 1.5 hours later, all participants were ready to #BeeSustain.
Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The advantages of sustainable meetings management can be difficult to communicate, and many believe that working with sustainability is complicated, expensive, and constraining.

The two main purposes of the #BeeSustain Challenge session were to demonstrate how meeting professionals can easily stick to their usual work priorities and tasks and work with sustainability at the same time – without having to compromise on either money or quality, and how working strategically with sustainable meetings management equals a heightened meeting experience, drives innovation and engagement, is cost-efficient and necessary - soon to be mandatory.

During the session, delegates enjoyed peer-to-peer learning sessions with experts addressing issues such as how to engage delegates around CSR activities that give back to the local community, how to fight food waste and save money, and how to get started if you want to ISO-certify your next event.

There were also ready-to-implement sustainability tips and tricks on subjects such as “What to ask you venue manager”, “How to convince your boss”, “How to convince your client”, “How to cut costs” and “How to increase innovation and creativity”. 

When the session was over, 23 per cent of participants stated they already work with sustainability, 77 per cent answered that they had now been convinced to work with sustainability and #BeeSustain, and no one answered that they would never work with sustainability!

”After the session, sustainability seems to be easy!,” said one of the participants after the session.

#BeeSustain – create a buzz
The #BeeSustain Challenge session was created by Wonderful Copenhagen Convention Bureau and was built on the award-winning open-source #BeeSustain initiative, launched by Wonderful Copenhagen CVB in 2014. #BeeSustain focuses on encouraging meeting professionals to share best sustainable practices and implement sustainability in their work, no matter where in the world they stage an event.

The highly interactive gamification-styled #BeeSustain Challenge Session was executed according to the Danish meetings design concept Meetovation, and was designed to reach and influence both self-proclaimed sustainability experts and those, who had never worked with sustainable meetings management.

The session format can be easily transferred to address other topics than sustainability as well, because the high level of involvement and interaction creates a varied session optimal for learning and with the potential for striking up new ideas and business.

The expert speakers and their respective topics of discussion included:

CSR @ MPI Global Events Successes and Challenges
Why and how to implement sustainable meetings management in to your events – challenges and pre advantages – based on previous MPI meetings & events.
Andrew Walker, Manager - Events, MPI

Benchmarking beyond the numbers
How benchmarking  and certifications - such as the ICCA Scandinavian Sustainability index and the Green Key - can drive innovation and commitment.
Jonas Wilstrup, Convention Director, Wonderful Copenhagen Convention Bureau

Rethinking conference catering: Less Waste, More Taste
How & why to limit food waste at your conferences and save the environment and your budget.
Rasmus Scheelke, Co-founder, radical no-waste restaurant 'Rub & Stub'

Sniff, lick and dance your way to good decisions ... and help the environment at the same time. Top tips from honeybees
Social enterprise thinking and how to give back to the local community and create legacy.
Oliver Maxwell, CEO and founder, ByBi (CityBee)

Certification is sexy! How to achieve business results and make a difference
How to benefit from Implementing ISO event management system in your event, venue or agency and how to get started.
Guy Bigwood, Group Sustainability Director, MCIi

Whats the buzz about #Beesustain & how can you use it in your next meeting
How and why to implement the open source, not for profit  CSR initiative #BeeSustain in to your next event or meeting.
Marie Dobel, Communications Assistant meetings & conventions, Wonderful Copenhagen Convention Bureau

The role and impact of a biodiversity management approach to ensure sustainable & healthy meetings & events
Findings from the first Biodiversity Chart applied to organisational ecosystems.
Olympia Ponno, CEO, Ponno Consulting


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