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8 reasons why sustainability drives innovation

Innovation is about ‘doing something better.’ – leading executives from organizations such as Oracle, Symantec, MCI and GMIC agree that incorporating sustainability as a design principle creates better and more innovative meetings. We list eight reasons that explain how sustainability drives innovation.
Tuesday, September 23, 2014

1. Sustainability-driven innovation goes beyond designing green products and packaging. It entails improving business operations and processes to become more efficient, with a goal of dramatically reducing costs and waste. It is also about insulating a business from the risk of resource price shocks and shortages. Taken together these enhancements can deliver business benefits that go far beyond the bottom line—whether it’s improving your overall carbon footprint, enhancing your brand image or engaging your employees in a more profound way.

2. Sustainability-focused innovation does not have to mean an overhaul of the entire organization. Even the small ideas can have a big impact. Many examples exist where a small change led to bigger changes and bigger savings, for the company as well as for the planet. For example, UPS' no left turn policy resulted in a savings close to $20 million a year. 3M's 3P program (Pollution Prevention Pays) encourages employees to rethink products and processes. 3P saved 3M nearly $1.7 billion, and eliminated more than 3.8 billion pounds of pollution as a result. The list goes on.

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