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Denmark is the most bicycle-friendly country in the EU

The Danes are known for taking the bike whenever possible and now, the second edition of the European Cyclists’ Federation Cycling Barometer places Denmark as the most bicycle-friendly nation in the European Union.
Wednesday, May 20, 2015

When you come to Denmark for the first time, you will probably notice that there is an abundance of bicycles.

Copenhagen is home to the world’s busiest bicycle lane used by 36,000 cyclists per day. The city’s rush hour differs from most others cities. Here, it is not the roads but the bicycle lanes that are crowded, mainly because 52% of all Copenhageners commute by bike every day.

It is not just in Copenhagen that bikes are the preferred mode of transport. According to a newly published report by the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF), Denmark is the most bicycle-friendly country in the EU.

Strong cycling advocacy
In the new report, the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) has gathered data from five EU-wide surveys and comprised them into the newest edition of the ECF Cycling Barometer. The 28 EU member states were evaluated on five criteria:

 Cycle usage: On a typical day, how many people say that the bike is their most often used mode of transport?
• Safety: How safe is it to cycle?
• Cycle tourism: How many cycling trips do tourists take?
• Market size: How many bicycles are sold every year?
• Cycling advocacy: What is the scale of the advocacy groups?

Denmark beat the likes of the Netherlands and Scandinavian neighbours Sweden and Finland to take 1st position, in part because Denmark has much stronger cycling advocacy groups. In general, Denmark placed in the top five across all the five criteria.

The report was first published in 2013, where the ‘top five’ consisted of the same countries. i.e. Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and Germany.

See the report including the ranking here.  

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