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How to support the bees

Make a difference at your next event: Involve your participants and support the bees – they are crucial to the eco-system. There are many simple thing you can do to help keep the bees buzzing.

1) Have your participants planting flowers or fruit trees that bees like
Bees are all about pollen. If you want to support the many different varieties of bees, get you participants to plant some things, which will feed them.

2) Focus on organic produce: food, flower decorations, fabrics etc.
Organic food and fibers like cotton and hemp are produced without the use of commercial pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides, making them inherently more bee-friendly than conventionally grown products.

3) Support local bee-initiatives and other green projects
Beekeeping as a hobby has declined in recent years. Commercial pressures and unstable bee populations has made raising bees less attractive, but we still rely heavily on domesticated honeybees to pollinate our crops and gardens. Seek out your local beekeepers and buy their honey. There are health benefits to eating local honey, and keeping small beekeepers in business is good for everyone. You are likely to find them selling honey at local farmer's markets and weekend flea markets. Treat yourself to some filtered or comb honey and enjoy one of nature's treasures.

4) Engage and inform the local community – pay it forward
There are so many fun ways to help and be a voice for the bees. Share about the importance of bees at local community meetings, at conferences, in schools and universities, and on online message boards and forums.

5) Eliminate garden pesticides
Pesticides are bad for humans. They are worse for bees. Investigate organic and natural means of pest control. Vibrant, chemical-free plants and gardens are a friendly invitation to wild bees.

6) Get an overview on how you can support
Here you can get an overview on possibilities for you to support the bees and thereby save the planet

7) Share your actions by using #BeeSustain
Copenhagen and Denmark lead the way in the initiative #BeeSustain sharing tips and ideas on how our industry can help rescue the bees and planet earth by implementing sustainable behaviour.


Explore our #BeeSustain universe – and learn more about sustainable meetings management and the importance of the honey bee

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Bees are essential to our eco-system. Read more here

The ecosystem exists in a state of harmony and balance, and when one component of that ecosystem is out of sync, the whole system is thrown off.

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