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Meetings & Incentives in North Sealand

Unique Meetings require Unique venues.

It is no coincidence that North Sealand was once the preferred playground for Danish royalty. The ceilings are high here, and there is plenty of space to thing big! There is atmosphere, castles, monasteries and a diversity of nature to appeal to every taste.

Unique Meetings in Royal North Sealand is an association of non-traditional meeting places working together to offer you the best possible meeting experience. The strength of our network is the variety of the services, we provide. Due to our close corporation, we are able to offer you historic, modern and unique experiences in one and the same package, and we are happy to help creating this package.

We are convinced that common settings breed traditional thought, whereas a change of scenery can free the mind to think new thoughts. Hence the unique venues.

We look forward to welcoming you!


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We are closer than you think

North Sealand is actually only about an hour drive from Copenhagen Airport, and if you wish, we can arrange that your transfer becomes part of your experience. For example, you can sail from Copenhagen to Elsinore, or experience North Sealand while covering that same distance in a vintage train – you can even charter your own helicopter and land it next to one of the castles or on The Danish Riviera.

Contact us at, and we will arrange special transfer for you.